Astria Law Group

You spent a lifetime building your estate and legacy. Let Astria Law Group help guide you through your estate planning, asset protection, and business succession needs, through well-crafted legal solutions, designed to support your company, family and your legacy.



Estate Planning

Efficient and comprehensive estate plans to preserve your legacy, maximize the value of your assets during your life and beyond, and give you the much-needed peace of mind.

Probate Administration

Experienced and empathetic approach to help you navigate the legal process to secure your inheritance.

Estate & Trust Administration

Tailored legal advice and counselling to support a trustee or a personal representative in fulfilling their duties.

Business Planning

Assisting solopreneurs, partners, and experienced business owners in bringing their long-term business vision to life.

Asset Protection

Shielding your assets from harm in an unpredictable and financially perilous world, within the ever-evolving legal framework.

Business Succession

Customized advice and process to secure the business you have spent a lifetime building.


Planning for generations can be emotionally challenging and legally complex. Astria Law Group, PC will give you comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific situation.



  • Ms. Gabrielian is my attorney for all of my business needs. She’s the go-to person not only for my contracts but also to help me make legally sound decisions regarding business investments. She’s calm and knowledgeable and gets the work done. I even go to her to help us select attorneys in other practice areas. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in hiring a business attorney.

    Nemra Enterprises, Inc.
  • We hired Ms. Gabrielian for our estate plan. She helped us get our assets organized, pick the correct plan for us and make strategic decisions for our assets and their future distribution.

    Joanne A.
  • I’m so glad we hired Ms. Gabrielian to help us set up our trust. It had been on our minds for a while and we were postponing it because we knew it was a lot of work. She made the process simple for us, explained everything in detail and answered our questions and steered us in the right decision.

    Tania D.